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  • The Power House system is developed by F3MW POWER TECH LLP  for residential and commercial applications.
  • Power House can provide electricity whenever there is a power outage and can be charged by either using the grid or solar panels. It offers incredible flexibility, expandability and is compatible with major inverter brands.
  • Power House is an ideal replacement for diesel/petrol/kerosene generator sets and Lithium battery based back-up power.
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Protection against water and dust
  • Ingress IP65 compliant
  • Small footprint and compact
  • Extremely safe and reliable
  • Environment friendly
  • Light in weight and easy to transport
  • Expandable power capacity
  • Better aesthetics
  • Highly efficient
  • Remote monitoring
  • Longer back up
  • Longer life cycle
  • Seamless mounting
  • Protection systems included.

Product Specifications
Name Nominal Voltage(V) Nominal Capacity(AH) Energy(WH) Chemistry Maximum Charging Voltage(V) Minimum Discharging Voltage(V) Charging mode Dimension(L*W*H)mm Weight(kg)
Residential Energy Storage System Battery 12.8 1000 12800 LIFEPO4 14.6 11.2 CC-CV customize customize