Electric Four Wheeler Battery

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  • E-Four Wheeler Battery Solution are also available using automotive grade cell brackets and components, current sharing design with wire bonding technology.
  • Fuse Protection at single cell level, voltage insulation and inbuilt Thermal Management System is designed as per Vehical requirement.
  • Glass Fibre Heating sheet is used for heat dissipation and heating plate acts safety valve. Approved through a series of tests like Vibration, Nail Penetration, High Temperature Ageing, Extraction etc makes it best for any kind of four wheeler.
  • High life cycle
  • Fast charging
  • High Discharge rate
  • Current sharing through wire bonding
  • Inbuilt thermal management
  • High Energy density
  • Communicative from cell to pack to chassis level.

Product Specifications
Name Nominal Voltage(V) Nominal Capacity(AH) Energy(WH) Chemistry Maximum Charging Voltage(V) Minimum Discharging Voltage(V) Maximum Charging Current(A) Minimum Discharging Current(A) Charging mode Dimension(L*W*H)mm Weight(kg)
Electric Four Wheeler Battery 144 120 17280 LIFEPO4 164.25 126 120 60 CC-CV customize customize